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Hôtel Jardin Ste-Anne is located inside the Old Québec district, close to several attractions and museums. Here are some of them.

Château Frontenac

Built in 1892 to welcome rich travelers from all over the country, Château Frontenac has become since then a legendary hotel as well as the visual signature of Québec City. A bar, boutiques and restaurants welcome visitors everyday, and you can enter it to admire its French-inspired architecture.

Terrasse Dufferin

This wooden boardwalk has been one of Quebecers’ favourite places in Québec City for almost 200 years. Overlooking the St. Lawrence River, the Dufferin terrace was built on the ruins of Château Saint-Louis, which used to be the home of the governors of New France. Now, in the summer, visitors can tour the ruins of the Château Saint-Louis, underneath the boardwalk.

Québec Citadel

This fort was built in 1810 by the English to protect Québec City from the Americans. It is a Vauban-inspired military fort that you can still visit today. Discover its many buildings and the spectacular views it offers. An essential piece of Québec history, it is only a five-minute walk from Hôtel Jardin Ste-Anne.

Musée de la civilisation

The city’s largest history museum will make you travel through times and cultures. Find out about the history of the First Nations of Québec as well as about the evolution of the province of Québec through history. There are always exhibitions about other civilizations as well and a special exhibition created for children. In the Old Port area, 15 minutes from Hôtel Jardin Ste-Anne.

Musée de l’Amérique francophone

This museum is a true gem of Québec City. It is located right next to the Notre-Dame cathedral, a five-minute walk from Hôtel Jardin Ste-Anne, and will teach you about the history of the Jésuites priests, who founded the Séminaire de Québec, the first french-speaking school in America. Fascinating and beautiful!

Plaines d’Abraham

This urban park is famous for being the location of the 1759 battle between the French and the English, which would seal the fate of New France for centuries. Nowadays, it welcomes families and couples who want to take a walk, have a picnic or simply admire the beautiful St. Lawrence River. It is one of the largest urban parks in the world and was designed by the same architect who did New York’s Central Park.

Place Royale & Quartier Petit Champlain districts

Place Royale stands in the middle of the Petit Champlain district, which is the oldest neighbourhood in North America. Tour the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church and discover its unique history, and enjoy the many boutiques and restaurants in this quaint area.

La Grande Allée

They don’t call it the Champs-Élysées of Québec City for nothing! Grande Allée was one a very trendy and high-end boulevard where wealthy citizens would eat and shop. Now, it is still full of beautiful old buildings, but it welcomes more affordable restaurants as well as many hotels and bars. At night, it is the place to be in town.